“The Phoenix Requiem” featuring Metallica

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

She was reaching out for something to do,

That makes her feel alive and brand new,

And she found it in you, open minded

With not so different views


All that was, is and will be,

The disturbing thoughts,

The misunderstood points,

Simply don’t matter anymore


What she’d felt

What she’d learned

What she’d known

Shined through in what she’d shown


Through constant pained disgrace

This blazing Phoenix learned some rules

She struggled on and on, battled constantly

A fight she could not win


All that was and still is

Turning through the never

Ending space and time

She’s all alone in the dark.


The loving Phoenix’s

Struggling within

Getting herself prepared

To live her last death


No, she never opened

Herself this way,

All this words

She does not just say


But, since she was

Labeled as “The Unforgiven”

Nothing else matters



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