About Rockstar Supernova: Finale Night

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro
First of all, I have to say that I haven’t seen the Last Episode yet, unfortunatelly in Brazil It will only take place on Sunday and as I will be getting myself prepared for my surgery I would not be able to watch it!
But I just got some informations about the Night Finale at my Friend Jason’s page….Before knowing the results I was a little bit sad, because , as I live in Brazil, and not in SP or RJ, It would be a little bit impossivel to see Supernova alive…
Now, after finding out the results, I’m no longer sad or even planning to see the guys alive, the canadian Lukas Rossi always were my last choice for the band, and why? Not all because he always sing with a sad face, but most of all because besides that he makes my stomach spins (in agony) when he comes to the stage, he seems to be always in pain, and I just hate that, Rock must be fresh and funny (of course, with a touch of sadness and anger), and Lukas is exactly the oposite of that!!!
I always loved Dilana performances, specially the “Super Soul” one, that girl has attitude and a great voice. And Toby Rand, well, what can I say about him, he was always my first choice for the band: good voice, great interaction with the fans, sex appeal…(and that’s important for a lead singer, don’t fool yourselves, the majority of the girls only goes to see a band on their first shows because of the lead singer, and sincerelly Lukas?!?)
Hahaha, I can’t even imagine myself in my past teen’s time having a Luka’s poster on my wall, only if I wish to have some kind of nightmare!!!But, he was the chosen one and we all have to accept that…And, some of us, will have to wait till november, to listen the new album!!! (not me, hehehe, I will just wait , if I can, to listen some great news about Toby’s and Dilana’s cds).
Well, this amazing season is over, Congrats boys for the New upcoming Supernova (Rock) Band and Good Luck when on Tour with The Panic Channel!!!
That’s all Folks!!!
Rock on everybody!!!

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