Tkx for Being There for Me

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

As everybody knows (at least the who are named here), hehehe, last Friday 15.09.2006 was my 30th Birthday and I’d invited the dearest ones to come and have a great jamming night with me, to give me their kisses, theirs hugs, their hands, their love, or better, one night of their lives….

Well, my day and my night were a kind of magic, and all because of you my friends…So now I’m here to thank you guys and girls for making my day so special!!!

Thank you for the flowers, cards, letters, gifts, scraps, e-mails, private messages, texts messages and phone calls, and for sure, thank you for your presence at Dublin last night!


Tkx to my family: my parents, my grandmother, my uncles and cousins (Thais Carvalho Ribeiro, Kelly Bernardes, Luiz Roberto Corrêa)… Alexandre Jantsch; Ana Cláudia Akele Jantsch; Cleiton Jantsch; Kátia Raquel Jantsch; Márcio Jantsch; Valdemiro Jantsch (Santa Catarina/Brazil)…Ana Paula F.S. Souza; Carlos Petersen; Daiane Pinheiro; José Marcelo Velho; Osíris Cabral Portela Fagundes.

Tkx to the ones who live near: Ana Paula Zago; André Barbieri; Ane Elisa; Ariele Romagna; Betina Marc; Carol Camargo; Cassiana Fagundes; Christian Starhan Silveira; Clarisse Bastos; Cristiane Pias Viana; Cristiane Sandri Souto; Daniel Muniz Zanin; Danielle Berbigier; Daya Rowse (All Star Trio); Douglas Tember; Dublin Irish Pub; Edson Nakano; Eduardo Felipe; Eliana Lia; Elizabeth Escobar; Eurídice Moraes Chagas; Fabíola de Ávila; Fernando Moretto; Gustavo Barrios; Gustavo Pereira Hetzel; Joneysa M.Silveira; Juliana Cardinale Steffani; J.R. Lins; Kátia Matiotti; Lenine Kerber; Licélia Lima; Little Paul; Luciana Costa; Luis Dias; Maria Clélia Fagundes; Marcel; Marcelo Berger; Marcelo Campos; Marcelo Chagas; Marcelo Gabriel Pibernat; Marcelo Ribeiro*; Márcio Guedes Grassi; Marcos Samurai; Marthinha Velho; Melissa Godinho; Michele Crivelaro de Almeida; Natasha Mattos; Norberto; Pâmela Rávia; Patrícia Coral Viegas; Patrícia Lucero Soares; Patrícia Garcia; Patrick Stephanou; Paulo Giovani Cassol; Pedro Augusto Furaste; Priscila Dalbem; Rafael Furlan; Renata Toffoli; Ricardo Manica; Rodrigo Bueno Prestes; Rogério F.S.Souza; Rose Ruiz; Rubia Ruiz; Simone Oliveira; The Classic Rock Band*; Usine Beauté; Vanessa Rossini Sue*; Viviane Schmidt.

Tkx to the ones who live far: Andressa da Silva (São Paulo/Brazil); Andrey Kabanets (Califórnia/USA); Antonio B.S. (Leiria/Portugal); Artur Gomes (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil); Brian (Mississipi/USA); Cléia Almeida (Brasília/Brazil); Daniela Curvelo; Dauro M.T.; DramaGods – Charley Londono – All Ears Management (Califórnia/USA)*; Eduardo Habu (São Paulo/Brazil); Ezio Kozaka (São Paulo/Brazil); Família P.O. (Israel & Porto Alegre/RS/Brazil); Isabela Borba (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil); José Manuel from Sinful (USA); Junancy Wanderley (Recife/Brazil); Laura Souto (São Paulo/Brazil); Leila Lopes (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil); Lyca Violini (São Paulo/Brazil); M. Aslam Bhatti (Pakistan); Maga Fróes; Mariana Palmeiro (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil); Marcelo Vicentini (Vaticano/Italy); Marcus Braga (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil)*; Paolo Pappalardo (Milano/Italy); Paulo Martins (Rio Grande do Norte/Brazil); Ricardo Konder (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil); Roberto Scripilliti (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil)*; Rochelle Gordon (USA); Rubem Obelar (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil); Sara  Freder (USA); Simone Medeiros (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil); Tati Poffo Costa (Santa Catarina/Brazil); Xochi, Michael and Paul (Califórnia/USA); Yi Wan (Texas/USA); Ziza Saygli (Minas Gerais/Brazil)

* X- Special Tkx To:

·        Brian: for all your support, don’t worry baby I will be fine. How was my party?

·        DramaGods: to all of you guys, and especially to Charley who always was so nice and kind with me…Tkx for the PIC I just love it and It arrived just in time to be one of meaningful gifts of this year!

·        Família P.O.: Tkx to all of you for being here on the previous week,.I promise I will be fine in summer time!!!

·        Marcelo Ribeiro: tkx guy for your “help desk services”, I will never forget that!

·        Marcus Braga: tkx for your concerns and don’t worry about the delay of answering me, hehehe, It’s better later, than never! Tkx for the job indications!

·        The Classic Rock Band: Tkx you guys for the wonderful Rock Night, specially for Kiss and Ramones performances and of course for the Special Happy Birthday!!!

·        Roberto Scripilliti: tkx for your tips about Dream Theater and Fair Warning…I Will never forget this. Humm, Can I ask you a favor..If there will be a Kristal Tears show during my recovering time, please go and rock there for me, hehehe!

·        Vanessa Rossini Sue: Tkx for listening me and helping me when I need!!!


I love all you guys and girls,

A billion kisses,



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