Music for Reaching the Gates of Heaven

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

Like “my friends” from R.E.M. would probably sing…”this one goes to…” a very special last fm friend of mine, who is trying to melt some girl’s heart!

Well, his first question was: “Do girls like men who play guitar?”. And my answer was: “Well, I can’t answer by the others, but this one here, loves the sound of crashing guitars…and I believe, many girls like them too!!!”.

Then, he asked me what kind of music would be able to melt the heart of a girl. And I just said: “Hey, first of all, you have to find out what kind of music she likes”, and he told me: “I think she likes the Oldies”…

After that, and after some thought moments, we found some great songs which would probably be able to melt hearts…Like Tears in Heaven or Stairway to Heaven…He could also try some Patience or More than Words…

Unfortunatelly, today, I have to say, I think none of those would be responsible for melting this Hard Rock Heart of mine.

Of course, a well played song helps a lot, there’s no doubt about it!!! But, to reach the gates of heaven, it would be necessary more than a good song…Yeah, I’m talking about the blend of: good music + feeling the energy and passion of the musician…The audiance (girl) must feel like it (she) is the only one there…at that moment!!!

So, my advice is: pick up some great and easy to play song, nothing fancy, practice it a lot, put all your passion and energy, go ahead and take your chances baby, I’m pretty sure this girl will be yours!!!

And why I’m so sure about it?!? Because, my heart was already been melted and now his is willing to reach the gates of heaven, again…(a dream that will never come true)…

Oh! Je suis désolée…(I don’t wanna be here, if you gonna be there)…I just wanna travel through time and hear: How Long, how have you been? (it would be fine)!!!


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  1. Joséli
    out 03, 2006 @ 19:00:46

    Obrigado Princesa: são pessoas como vc que fazem o mundo valer a pena, me orgulho de ti, deus te abençoe. Beijos.


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