Grand Prize – A Souvenir of DramaGods (Nuno Bettencourt)

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

Five months ago, while I was building my myspace page, I had the idea of uploading there some videos…Well, during this process I had some problems, especially with a DramaGods video called “Something About You”.
So, As I really wanted to upload that video, I e-mailed the band and surprisingly I got an answer…Well, in fact, to be precisely I’ve exchanged e-mails during two weeks with this very nice and friendly guy named “…” (Privacy Matters)and after solving the problem (the code was not working,hehehe), he asked me if I wanted a souvenir…And, of course, I accepted his offer and I also asked him if he could send one in my name and one in a friend’s name.
“No problem, you will only have to wait the boys comeback from the tour”, he said…Well, this happened around june…And, these souvenirs arrived at my place only on september!!!
But the truth is, many unpleasant things happened, between me and the person I once believed was my friend, so I decided to readress this souvenir to another fan…(Instead of Keeping it with me forever)!!!
And what is the souvenir? It’s a fully signed pic of Dramagods, with only one problem it has a inscription in the name of “….”.
So, the big deal is, I will adress this pic to a fan who has the same name of the inscription and if there will be more than one, the lucky ones will have to answer 2 questions and the winner will be, well you know, the one able to give the best asnwers…
Hey,the deadline will be a month from now (november, 20th, so hurry up and Good Luck!!!

P.S.: As I will post this entry at several groups, I will only accept answers at my last fm page…Tkx and Good Luck!!!

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