“Mea Culpa” feat. DramaGods

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

Once upon a time, (like nowadays), when the sky was falling on my head, I’ve asked God for a quick unscheduled scape, a way with some enlighted perspective, with no sorrow or blame.

And, as I continued walking along the road, felling lonely and cold, I desparetly cried and begged again for some help. I couldn’t stand that pre-recorded life anymore!

I forgot for a while that very precious rule: Take care of what you ask (and again I forgot to be precisely)….Sundenly, everything has changed and my life was turned upsidedown. How?

Well, Sometimes all we need for that is a phone call, a small empty voice that will change your life. And, that was exactly what happened!

I took my chances and by magic all the tears, all the sorrow and the pain, for a while were been blown away (there was no need to hold them on, so I let them go). Ok! In fact, it was not so easy…

I knew It would be a Heavy Mission, almost impossible, I’ve been frozen in motion for long time, that when I started feeling the pressure pumping in my veins, I got scared. But, as there was no time for indecision, I jus put some courage in my pocket and decided go ahead!

I simply could not just sit there and stare at you, watch you bleed and get lost into your past griefing memories, and why?Because, you were living the life I was hardly trying to leave behind. So, I tried to show you how beautiful life could be without those corrupted files.

I know, I know, many times I complained, I reacted badly but you have to agree with me, sometimes even Budha would probably lose his mind…And gave up of waiting you to get your place in time, hehehe.

Hey baby, let me see, since we’ve met, all I’ve asked you was to trust me , to let me know you and to let me take you on a little ride to play around, I think it’s not much, afterall it was just friendship!!!

But now, near death experience, I feel like the sky is falling in my head again, I’m stressed, scared and much more vulnerable than normaly I am…And, as I don’t wanna dye feeling guilty for my past overreacted acts, I’ve decide do write this “Mea Culpa”: “Baby, Sorry If I let myself get hurt, I’d probably got lost in my fears and my imagination probably made me misundertood the whole thing!!!”

As I told before, for me, as I don’t have brothers or sisters, that special someones to whom my heart allows to reach my soul, are like masterpieces of art, rarities and not replaceable, so what do you think about forgetting all this mess and try to be friends again (cause I sincerely dont wanna open a bakery, hehehe).

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