2006’s Greatest Comebacks!!!

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

First of all, I have to confess,this morning I woke up, a king of, like Led Zeppelin&Aerosmith would sing, Dazed-Jaded-Confused, and of course sad!!!

Cause I realized that, some dreams are just not meant to be and others just come to reality,these last ones make your day a little bit better…

But let my sadness behind and let’s talk about good musical stuff for a while…

They already rocked at Rock in Rio Lisboa!(and in spite of everybody kept saying Axl Rose was fat, who cares about that, for God sake)they rocked at Rock in Rio 2001 too!!!

Yeah,I was there and for sure there’s nothing better than listenning him performing Patience and November Rain alive…

Guns N’ Roses] is one of mine heart’s bands and I have to say that this last week was really great for me,cause, first a friend of mine called me saying “Jo, I just heard on the radio news: Slash is coming back to the band!” (just this would be amazing), but today I read that theyre show at Switzerland rocked as well…

Axl’s voice is getting beter and better and almost reached its original power and potency during “Welcome To The Jungle” and “You Could Be Mine

The new band members performances were amazing and the fans just went crazy when Bumblefoot, after threw out a plectrum, played with his fingers.

So, to the one’s who never believed on their coming up, I have the honour to say: They are definitely back!!!

But, they are not the only ones to come up this season and thank God for that: ExtremePoisonDef LeppardCinderella and maybe Van Halen (with David Lee Roth)are also reborning from the ashes…Just like this Little Phoenix of yours,hehehe!!!

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