About Axl Rose’s True ID

By Joséli Costa Jantsch

In spite of being more in the mood of talking about Soundtracks, I will have to delay this subject for another day…AND WHY?
Just because some of my readers (thank you guys for being so nice)have e-mailed me if I know the story behind Axl Rose name…
So, here I am…
William Bailey, also know as Axl Rose, was born and named Wiiliam Bruce Rose Jr., but as his mommy got married again when he was a little kid, she decided to change his name to William Bailey (his stepdaddy last name).But, since he discovered that his real name was Rose, at the age of 17, he decided to readopt the name “William Rose”, and later he legally changed it again to “W.Axl Rose”.
Of course, there are many other explanations about his name, like “Axl Rose” is the anagram of “Oral Sex”…But, I’d rather to believe in the first one, and you guys what do you think?

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