About Metallica “New Song” Performance

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

Before everything I have to make one thing clear, Metallica, of course, is one of my favorite bands, but I should not be considered a fan, which I think it could be good now, cause it will keep me away of being protective while writing about their New Song performance!

Yesterday, after reading some reviews/critics about the “Metallica New Song”, I decided to look for its video at youtube. And, my very first impression about it was: What’s the hell is it for God sake?!? (I could even stand to watch it till the end).

Yeah, I know that many fans are saying that this was the best thing Metallica did in many years and in some strange way I have to agree with them!

For me, the New Song now can’t even be compared to the other ones, cause the quality of the videos just sucks!!! The only thing we can compare is the band performance on the stage, and…

We have to be realistic and face the sad truth, (after watching again and again the videos at youtube), Metallica, at least, on those performances is very far away to be the Metallica I knew before, performing the songs of “The Black Album”!!!

But, as I’m an optimistic person, I prefer to believe that with the proper production, a little bit of hard working and a miraculous change in James vocal performance, maybe this new Metallica stuff could be considered in near future their Great Return to the mainstream!

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