About Rockstar: Supernova

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

Yesterday, after 2 Non TV months, I finally had some time to do it and while my zapping moments infront of TV I just found this amazzing TV Show called “Rockstar: Supernova”!
A TV Show which is produced by Dave Navarro (Ex Red Hot Chilli Peppers/Jane’s Addiction and actual Panic Channel Guitar man), supervised by Slash (Ex GNR Guitar man), Moby, Macy Gray and Rob Zombie (White Zombie Lead Singer)and hosted by the dazzling model and actress Brooke Burke.
And,What is it about? Well, it’s about 15 all over the world rockers who had joined to this crazy competition to become the lead singer of brand new band called “Supernova” formed by Tommy Lee (Ex Mötley Crüe Drummer), Jason Newsted (Ex Metallica Bass man)and Gilby Clark (Ex GNR Guitar man), who, by tha way,judge the competitors.
Well, on the yesterday’s episode, unfortunatelly the first I had watched, Dilana, a South African girl, was chosen to perform with Supernova guys and I have to say, she has a great voice, style and attitude!!!
After that, the three ones who was less voted by the audiance till that moment, perfomed too, pf, course, trying to save their own skin, hehehe…
The first to show up was Zayra, a girl from Porto Rico, she risked herself a lot by choosing a song of a unknown band, but in my opinion it was not her only mistake, while she was performing her voice seemed to disappear!!!Well, she has style and attitude too, she was made to be a Pop Star, like Madonna, and not to be the lead sinnger of a rock band!!!
The second one to get on the stage was Patrice, an american girl, she rocked perfoming Hole!!!Of Course, she will have to change her clothing style, but she has everything to be consider a great competitor!!!
And, finally, to end the shows up, Magni, a guy from Iceland, perfomed Creep (a Radiohead song. He went so good, that in the end I was almost enjoying the song (too depressive for my musical taste!
Sorry for Zayra, but yesterday she was kicked off!!!
Congrats to the others who are still there fighting , or better, almost strugling for their once in a lifetime chance to became not only the lead singer of Supernova, but to join them in their New 2007 World Tour and also to have an own Album recorded and co-produced by Butch Walter (Avril Lavigne and Pink’s songwriter and producer!!!
And, for us: Let’s wait for the next episode!!!

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