Friday the 13th – Musical Curiosities

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

As everybody knows today is Friday the 13th, a very unusual day, especially for my american friends and for some of my fellows of Europe who believe that today is an unluck day.
So, as I took 13 as my number, hehehe, I decided to write about some interesting facts that took place at a friday 13th…related, of course, to Music!!!

Musicians who were born:
1.Kathleen Battle – 13.08.1948 – American Soprano.
2.Carlo Bergonzi– 13.07.1924 – Italian tenor
3.Peabo Bryson– 13.04.1951 – American R&B and soul singer.Beauty And The BeastA Whole New World
4. Morris Day– 13.12.1957 – American musician and composer, gifted drummer and lead singer of The Time
5.Ilse DeLange– 13.05.1977 – Dutch singer
6. Casey Donovan– 13.05.1988 – Australian singer and songwriter. Winner of the 2nd Australian Idol Season.
7. Eillen Farrel – 13.02.1920 – American soprano.
8. Lowell George– 13.04.1945 – american musician (harmonica,flute,saxophone,sitar), singer and oustanding slide guitarist of Little Feat,The FactoryThe Standells and Mothers of Invention.
9.Nicolai Ghiaurov– 13.09.1929 – Bulgarian opera singer, one of the famous bass singers of the post war period.
10.Dick Haymes-13.09.1918 – one of the most popular american vocalists of the 30’s and 40’s.
11. John Paul Larkin – Scatman John – 13.03.1942 – famous stuttering jazz musician who invented the fusion of seat singing and disco
12. Karoline krügger – 13.02.1970 – Norwegian singer, pianist and songwriter.
13. Robert William Lamm – 13.10.1944 – American keyboardist, singer and songwriter of Chicago
14.George Lewis-13.07.1900 – American jazz clarinetist.
15.Nicholas Augustine McCarthy – 13.12.1974 – Lead guitarist, bachup singer and keyboardist of the Glaswegian band Franz Ferdinand
16. Graham McPherson – 13.01.1961 – also known as “Suggs”, english singer and vocalist of the second wave skaband Madness
17.Darius Rucker– 13.05.1966 – lead singer of Hootie & The Blowfish
18.Hillel Slovak – 13.04.1962 – original guitarist of Red Hot Chili Peppers, “Anthym” and “What is this”.
19.Peter Tork– 13.02.1942 – american musician 9piano, banjo, bass guitar player of the monkees[/artist, “The Peter Tork Project” and shoe suede blues
Rhonda Vincent– 13.07.1962 – bluegrass singer and accomplished mandolin guitar and fiddle player.
21. Max Weinberg– 13.04.1951 – american drummer of “Bruce Springsteen’s Street Band”

Musicians who died:
1.Benny Godman– 13.06.1986 – american jazz musician, also known as “king of swing”, “Patriarch of the clarinet”, “the professor” and “swing’s senior statesman”.
2.Ralph Kiekpatrick – 13.04.1984 – Musician and harpschordist.
3.Gerald Moore – 13.03.1987 – english pianist
4.Lily Pons– 13.02.1976 – American-french soprano
5.Tupac Shakur– 13.09.1996 – american rapper and the guinness best-selling rap/hip-hop artist ever.

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