Krystal Tears: Yeah, Brazil Rocks Too!!!

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

Three months ago, I had the pleasure to be found, at orkut, by Diego Padilha, the bass man of Krystal Tears, he scraped me introducing his band and also added me on msn. We chated a couple of times and he sent me their songs

Unfortunatelly, after that, somehow, I lost them…And now, after chating and “interviewing” Krystal Tears’ lead singer, Roberto Sans, I got back the ones I had before (withred Roses and Prisioner of your Love) and two other songs (Crystal Tears and Dreams)…As these guys were always so nice and manly because, of course, their work is amazing, I decided to write this “mini-release”.

Well, let me see…

Krystal Tears is a / multi-influenced band founded in Rio de Janeiro/Brazil. The band currently consists of: Roberto Sans, lead singer (Thotten and ex-Nordheim); Carlos Santanna, guitar; Rigel Romeu (Avec Tristesse), keyboards; Diego Padilha, bass (Snow); Davis Ramay, guitar (Nordheim) and Leonardo Peccatu, drums.

They recorded their first Demos in 2002 (self-entitled “Krystal Tears”). And, after several months playing at night clubs, the band began to play at important events like: “Manifesto Bar” in São Paulo (Brazil) and as the opening act for Dr.Sin. They also had their work reviewed and recognized by “Strutter Magazine” from (Holland) and by a site from Pakistan.

The follow years 2003/2004 were vital for Krystal Tears, two of the original members have decided to leave the band (João Renato, Nuno Boggiss and the lead singer Enzo Scognomillo) and were replaced by Roberto Sans and Rigel Romeu.

After, a long changing season, in 2005, the band finally began to work on its first CD self-titled “A Brand New Life”, released in 2006. This album brings to us, through expressive lyrics, powerful riffs and outstanding chorus, a great and innovative blend of and Heavy Metal.

As I was told, they will be the opening act for Sepultura and Massacration shows (live dates sooner) and also they have plans to play in U.S. (Califórnia and New Jersey)…

I hope, someday, have the chance to see their alive performance of “Withred Roses”(one of my favorites), a ballad that reminded me of Poison “Swallon this Live” Album and, of course, Angra!!!

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