Let’s talk about Beatallica!!!

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

Well, after two days uploading videos , reading critics and reviews and listening to Metallica’s “New Song” and “The Other New Song”, I think it’s time to talk about some real interesting stuff: Beatallica!

No, I’m not crazy, the name is correct and I bet that many of my readers are now asking themselves: What’s the hell is it??? (I Know that because I’ve made myself the same question, about two weeks ago, when I heard for the first time one of their songs called “Hey Dude”.

Beatallica is a satire tribute and an internet-based “mash” band which plays/performs songs made from combinations of The Beatles and Metallica music style. All their lyrics and melodies are adapted, more or less like this: they pick some Beatles lyrics , put it together to some phrases of Metallica and the result of this is played in trash metal way, using melodies from both bands as well.

Till now, this band released two albuns, “A Garage Dayz Nite ” in 2001 and ” Beatallica” in 2004. After the second one, also called “The Grey Album” (Try to guess why, hehehe) (yeah, it’s a perfect blend of The Beatles’ White Album and Metallica Black Album), they finally started to perform live alone and also did some performances as the opening band for Dream Theater.

The band members are:
Jaymz Lennfield (Michael Tierney): vocals, lyrics, songwriter and live rythm guitar.
Grg Hammetson: studio all instruments, arrangements, songwritter and live lead guitar.
Kliff MacBurtney (Lee Bruso/Paul Terrien): Live bass.
Ringo Lars (Ryan Charles): Live drums.

All their songs can be downloaded for free at: http://www.beatallica.org

Please, if you still don’t know this guys work, take a time and go to their webpage, I asure you that it’s totally worthwhile to the ones who know previously the works of Beatles and Metallica!!!

P.S.: I almost forget, don’t you think its time to start a quiz game about which will be the next reference name for the third new Metallica song?!? Ops….
I think it should be called: The Another New Metallica Song, hehehe. And you, guys, make your bets….

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