When I First Kissed You

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro – In 2000

Formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1996, this pop metal band called Extreme had its world debut in 1991 with: “Pornografitti“, which brought the group fame with the #1 Single “More Than Words“, an Everly’s Brother’s-Style Acoustic Ballad.

Pornografitti also reveals that the members of Extreme have they’re style derived from Van HalenQueenThe Beatles and ; and, that’s why Extreme’s music is not easy to classify. This album covers all the styles:  and Seventies Funk & Roll.

When I First Kissed You” (1990), (My Favorite), was originally written and recorded just to be one more of the Greatest Extreme’s Ballads, but It became a Real Tribute to New York.

Although the lyrics are simple and the song has no classical structure. In fact, it has just six verses and a chorus which is repeated only two time, in the beginning ant in the end. The production was very careful, the song has a great melody and orchestration that surfaces Gershwin’s style.

It´s slow and calm without being boring. And, in spite of having a strong emotional impact in all lovers of the world, it’s not a traditional ballad.

“When I first Kissed You” must be considered as a musical poetry that translates a piece of New York Mysterious Atmosphere.

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