Supernova, Rock and Roll, Friendship and Bread

By Joséli Costa Jantsch Ribeiro

I know, I know, probably you all are asking about what all this things has to do?
And my answer to that question is very simple, they have, at least for me, everything to do!

Yesterday after a whole week waiting for the brand new Supernova Episode, I could not watch it,or better, I tried, but my mind was somewhere else, thinking about the true meaning of frienship…

I am a quite bit sad about that, cause before everything happen I had many things to say about the two last ones episodes, the “All Apologies” one and, of course and especially, the other about ” the dark horse elimination”.

But after all,I just cant remain here sat in mute mode…Without telling you guys about what’s happening to me…about my fellings….

Well, as I am a little bit perfeccionist and as some of you know my 30th birthday will be on september 15th, I spent the last week organizing the party, Yeah, I had several problems with the place which I chose to make my party, but after many calls everything is settled the way I want.(So 1 point for me, hehehe)…

I could say that till last monday everything was perfect,I also received in advance my second birthday present, something very important to me, I was really happy! But suddenly everithing started collapsing, my internet was out of order and I received news that instead of one surgery I will have to undergo two…

So yesterday, was a “…” day for me, I was nervous, tired,confused, scared to death, but I put everything behind me and went to a lan house, to fo what? Well, I have some business problems to solve with a “friend” of mine…

And after a conversation, full of misunderstanding points, I came back to my place sad, cause, Knowing him as a know, I couldn’t understand why he acted the way he acted yesterday towards me?!?

All because of that I lost my Supernova Show and today in order to forget about all this “friendship” stuff I went to the kitchen, turned on the radio and set my demons free while making some bread!!!

P.S.: And, about the Supernova, I have to agree with my friend Jen, Storm is there just because of what she did, for sure, sitting in Tommy’s lap, save her ass!!!
And, after the last presentation, I keep my believes that the very best options for Supernova are: Magni, Dilana or Toby. (Toby is my favorite, cause like Jason said yesterday, he is magical, he turns on the audience)!!!

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