“Rock & Roll Paradise” feat. Billy Idol

By Joséli Costa Janstch Ribeiro

Last summer a little devil
Came Rockin’ on my door
He said: “Come on baby, let me
Show what Rock & Roll is all about!”

It was a hot and dark summer night
Perfect for a great & fresh starting time
I had the time, so I went to see you, yeah
Ain’t it strange what we do to feel all right?

It was after midnight
And I was feeling so fine
Don’t ask me any questions
Just stay by my side!

I’ve been looking all over the world
And there’re all types of guys
If I had a chance to ask one to dance
I’d rather just dance with myself

Yeah, I know you are in
Need of time to move on
By wiping away your tears,
Letting your past pass off

I tried to be a lover,
To get closer and share,
I tried to be a friend,
Showing how much I care.

God have mercy, baby
Nothing was enough, baby
You left me and
Everything behind!

A holy & lonely soul
Living on her own
Hell on Earth,
Rock & Roll Paradise!

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